1. Payment is required prior to the day of service, either by credit card or electronic transfer.
  2. Prices quoted include dumping of up to 1 tonne per 2m³ skip, 1 tonne per 4.5m³ skip bin and 1.5 tonnes per any larger bin, with extra charges applying for loads that exceed these weights. Any extra charges incurred are to be paid within seven days of invoice date.
  3. Contaminated materials, or other hazardous or EPA-prescribed waste – including tyres, batteries, liquids, and televisions – must not be placed in skip bins.
  4. The customer must indemnify the owner of the skip bin against any damages caused to driveways, pavements, paths, kerbing, or other surfaces while using this service.
  5. The owner of the skip bin will not accept responsibility for any injury to a person/s, or damage to property belonging to the customer or any other person/s, arising out of the use of the service, however such injury or damage was caused.
  6. Skip bins must not be overloaded: the level of waste collected must not rise higher than the lip of the skip bin; it must be possible to cover green waste loads with a tarpaulin. Skip bins that we consider to be overloaded will not be transported. Collected waste must be loaded in such a way that it cannot move around while the skip bin is being transported.
  7. The placement of the skip bin as per the customer’s verbal or written instructions, made during order placement, will constitute the customer’s acceptance of these conditions should the customer not be present at the time of skip bin delivery.
  8. Where Concrete is being picked, there is a 6 tonne weight limit included in the larger bins 8m³ and above.

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